Kpop idols are known for colorful and mix hair colors and hairstyles. To kpop idols and celebrities, hair plays a big role for them. 

TWICE members are praised for their cute visuals. ONCE, TWICE’s fandom praised and envy TWICE’s Dahyun’s hair color.

Here are TWICE’s Dahyun hair colors that make her fans envy her:

Dahyun slayin with her bright orange/red/violet mixed hair- t’is was during their OHH-AHH era.

Dahyun being cute wuth her blonde pink hair.

Dahyun slayed the blued tip hair-think this was during their CHEER UP era.

Dahyun’s hair was much complimented with her black sweatshirt top and red miniskirt.

Dahyun slayin’ with her blonde hair.

All of her fans envy this hair color of Dahyun, it has a nice result if you style and braid your hair like hers.

As always, she also slayed the green tipped hair.

A comeback  from TWICE will be released during this month, and for fans comeback means new hair color, so we’re still waiting for some haircolor updates.


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