6 Amazing things to do in Korea!


  • Visit Popular tourist spots and Historical Palaces.

Ever dreamed of historical palaces, like what everybody see in Korea Dramas? Well, I’ve always dreamed of visiting one of those. When you’re planning to visit Korea plan ahead where you want to visit. They have so many tourist sites, so if you’re planning to just stay there for 4 days, I;’m telling you its not enough you can’t visit all the tourist sites.

  • Shop at their popular market!

I always love to shop at markets, but sadly markets in our place is so crowded and smelly. As I’m planning to go to Korea soon, my first mission there is to shop at Myeongdong and buy some cute stuffs, like socks and sweaters.

  • Go to your bias Ent. Management buildings!

Kpop fans, who wouldn’t dream of visiting entertainment buildings like (SM Ent., JYP Ent., and CUBE Ent.)? Uhh!! I wish when I got there i Korea, I would be able to visit all those Ent. builduings.

  • Visit their famous Bridge.

Did you ever see a bridge that has a rainbow features on it? WOAH! Korea is just so amazing for making and preserving that bridge.

  • Eat their delicious foods!

In my hometown there’s a Korean restaurant, I always end up eating their ramen and kimchi. When I go to Korea soon, I’ll be eating their famous rice cakes. Uh! Their foods are so amazing!

  • Go to your bias concerts and fan meetings.

I know every KPOP fans dreamed of going to their bias fan meetings and concerts. So while you’re in Korea, grab the chance and don’t miss the opportunity.


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