9 Apps K-pop fans should have!!!


Celebrities are using twitter this days much more than facebook. Using this app you ca follow, DM (direct message), and tweet with tour favorite bias of yours!! Check out here for Korean Celebrities Twitter Accounts: https://debakkoreans.wordpress.com/idols-twitter-accounts/

  • Instagram

When you want to stalk your bias, I prefer instagram for you. Instagram let’s you check and see what your favorite celebrity is doing and up to. Check out here for Korean Celebrities Instagram Accounts: https://kpopblogdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/10/16/korean-celebrities-must-follow-official-instagram-accounts/

  • Facebook

Facebook is not the site/application where your favorite K-celebrity updates. But using facebook you’ll experience more fun because of many fan pages. You’ll enjoy sharing with your friends your favorite clips, memes, photos, and videos! Better check out here for Facebook-KPOP fan pages: https://kpopblogdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/facebook-k-pop-fan-pages/

  • V-App Live

This app is the most interesting app of all, it allows you to see what your bias doing. They’re posting live videos with subs, it is so amazing tho!

  • Allkpop and Soompi

These two apps are the most amazing when it comes to news updates, they have similarities. They’ll update you about new group MV’s, fan meetings, concerts, and many more!! One thing I also love about Allkpop, is they sell nice,comfy, and affordable merchandises!! Hope y’all buy at their online store, cuz’ its all pretty nice and cute. Check out here: https://shop.allkpop.com/

  • Weibo

This apps breaks my heart, because I can’t access on it. Many international fans want to access this app, but Weibo is only available on places like China and Korea. I’m envious right now because many Korean Celebrities are updating there, but I can’t see it!!

  • Pinterest and Tumblr

Interested in getting nice, hot, and funny pictures of your biases? They got all you want, when I feel I want to change into new wallpaper I just go here and download some photos!And note, it is all free. Daebak! Awesome right? Start downloading photos of your bias now!! Pali-Pali!! Hurry!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this short blog! Kamsahamnida!! Thankyou!!


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